Class that represents a SQL database chain in the LangChain framework. It extends the BaseChain class and implements the functionality specific to a SQL database chain.


Security Notice This chain generates SQL queries for the given database. The SQLDatabase class provides a getTableInfo method that can be used to get column information as well as sample data from the table. To mitigate risk of leaking sensitive data, limit permissions to read and scope to the tables that are needed. Optionally, use the includesTables or ignoreTables class parameters to limit which tables can/cannot be accessed.


See for more information.


const chain = new SqlDatabaseChain({
llm: new OpenAI({ temperature: 0 }),
database: new SqlDatabase({ ...config }),

const result = await"How many tracks are there?");

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database: SqlDatabase
inputKey: string = "query"
llm: BaseLanguageModelInterface
outputKey: string = "result"
returnDirect: boolean = false
sqlOutputKey: undefined | string = undefined
topK: number = 5
memory?: any



  • Parameters

    • inputs: ChainValues[]
    • Optional config: any[]

    Returns Promise<ChainValues[]>

    ⚠️ Deprecated ⚠️

    Use .batch() instead. Will be removed in 0.2.0.

    This feature is deprecated and will be removed in the future.

    It is not recommended for use.

    Call the chain on all inputs in the list

  • Parameters

    • values: any
    • Optional config: any
    • Optional tags: string[]


    Returns Promise<ChainValues>


    Use .invoke() instead. Will be removed in 0.2.0.

    Run the core logic of this chain and add to output if desired.

    Wraps _call and handles memory.

  • Invoke the chain with the provided input and returns the output.


    • input: ChainValues

      Input values for the chain run.

    • Optional options: any

    Returns Promise<ChainValues>

    Promise that resolves with the output of the chain run.

  • Parameters

    • inputs: Record<string, unknown>
    • outputs: Record<string, unknown>
    • returnOnlyOutputs: boolean = false

    Returns Promise<Record<string, unknown>>

  • Parameters

    • input: any
    • Optional config: any

    Returns Promise<string>


    Use .invoke() instead. Will be removed in 0.2.0.

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