Class for managing chat message memory using the Motorhead service. It extends BaseChatMemory and includes methods for initializing the memory, loading memory variables, and saving the context.

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caller: AsyncCaller
chatHistory: BaseChatMessageHistory
memoryKey: string = "history"
returnMessages: boolean = false
sessionId: string
timeout: number = 3000
url: string = MANAGED_URL
apiKey?: string
clientId?: string
context?: string
inputKey?: string
outputKey?: string



  • Method that loads the memory variables. It gets the chat messages and returns them as a string or an array based on the returnMessages flag.


    • _values: InputValues

      The input values.

    Returns Promise<MemoryVariables>

    A promise that resolves with the memory variables.

  • Method that saves the context to the Motorhead service and the base chat memory. It sends a POST request to the Motorhead service with the input and output messages, and calls the saveContext method of the base chat memory.


    • inputValues: InputValues

      The input values.

    • outputValues: OutputValues

      The output values.

    Returns Promise<void>

    A promise that resolves when the context is saved.

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