A document loader that loads documents from a directory. It extends the BaseDocumentLoader class and implements the load() method.


const directoryLoader = new DirectoryLoader(
".pdf": (path: string) => new PDFLoader(path),

const docs = await directoryLoader.load();
console.log({ docs });

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directoryPath: string
recursive: boolean = true
unknown: UnknownHandling = UnknownHandling.Warn


  • Loads the documents from the directory. If a file is a directory and recursive is true, it recursively loads documents from the subdirectory. If a file is a file, it checks if there is a corresponding loader function for the file extension in the loaders mapping. If there is, it loads the documents. If there is no corresponding loader function and unknown is set to Warn, it logs a warning message. If unknown is set to Error, it throws an error.

    Returns Promise<Document[]>

    A promise that resolves to an array of loaded documents.

  • Imports the necessary functions from the node:path and node:fs/promises modules. It is used to dynamically import the functions when needed. If the import fails, it throws an error indicating that the modules failed to load.

    Returns Promise<{
        extname: ((path) => string);
        readdir: {
            (path, options?): Promise<string[]>;
            (path, options): Promise<Buffer[]>;
            (path, options?): Promise<string[] | Buffer[]>;
            (path, options): Promise<Dirent[]>;
        resolve: ((...paths) => string);

    A promise that resolves to an object containing the imported functions.

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