⚠️ Deprecated ⚠️

This feature is deprecated and will be removed in the future.

It is not recommended for use.

ChatGPT Plugins have been deprecated in favor of GPTs. Class that connects ChatGPT to third-party applications via plugins. It extends the RemoteRetriever class and implements the ChatGPTPluginRetrieverParams interface.


const retriever = new ChatGPTPluginRetriever({
url: "http:
auth: {
bearer: "super-secret-jwt-token-with-at-least-32-characters-long",
const docs = await retriever.getRelevantDocuments("hello world");

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topK: number

The number of results to request from the ChatGPTRetrievalPlugin server

The filter to use when querying the ChatGPTRetrievalPlugin server


  • Creates a JSON body for the request to the ChatGPTRetrievalPlugin server.


    • query: string

      The query to send to the server.

    Returns RemoteRetrieverValues

    A JSON object representing the body of the request.

  • Processes the JSON response from the ChatGPTRetrievalPlugin server and returns an array of Document instances.


    • json: RemoteRetrieverValues

      The JSON response from the server.

    Returns Document[]

    An array of Document instances.

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